Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Blogging Inspiration!

So I've heard of Blogs before in the past and wondered what the heck they were and what purpose they served. I never paid much attention to them, until July, when I went back home to visit my family. My mother had taken a sewing class, so while I was back home all I did was watch her sew. We went to Joann Fabrics just about everyday, and since I'm my mother's mini me, I too took an interest in sewing. (For the record my mom's the best!) This was the start of my "crafting adventure". When I got back home to the wonderful mountains of Montana I was determined to make myself a craft room. This brings me to my blogging inspiration, Elsie Flannigan. As I was searching the internet for inspiration and ideas for my room, I stumbled upon Red Velvet which is Elsie's website for her store thus leading me to Elsie's Blog, A Beautiful Mess. I absolutely love her art and all of her little creations, there amazing! Her website and blog has inspired me to tap into my creative side and to start my own blog. So thank you Elsie Flannigan for your inspiration and your beautiful art!                                                                                                                             

PS: the best part of it all is my husband and I are taking a road trip to Florida and we have to pass through Missouri, so were gonna take a little detour to visit the Red Velvet Art Shop in Springfield!!! I'm beyond excited and hope to meet Elsie, my blogging inspiration! =]

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